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Master Yoga Literature

Dear Yoga Sadhakas, the Yoga Journal (Bhriktha Rahitha Taraka Raja Yoga Samachara Patrika) and other Literature is made available for free on this website to make it easily accessible to all of us. But, please do understand that it takes a lot of effort and costs significant money to bring this information in the print media. If the Journal is not available in print, there is no way we could have made it available to you through this website.

So, our very humble request to all the Yoga Sadhakas: Please kindly do subscribe to the Print version of the Journal as well. This is vital for the survival of this very important yoga communication media.

Details of how to subscribe to the Yoga Journal can be found inside the Journal pages. You can also contact the Editor Sri. J. Narayana Murthy on 0091-9849522671 for any information regarding the Yoga Journal or the Yoga.

Thank you for your continued support.

If you have the soft copies of our yoga literature please do send a copy to so that we can publish the material on this website.

You can also send your own yoga articles or your experiences to us at the same e-mail address

Note: To view these articles you need to have adobe acrobat reader installed on your computer. If you do not have the acrobat reader, you can download it for free here:

Bhriktha Rahitha Taraka Raja Yoga Samachara Patrika

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  Yoga Journal number 01-2016 Edition
  Yoga Journal number 02 & 03-2016 Edition
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All new books that are available for sale will be watermarked on the website

  'Sri R.K. Murthy gaaru' - an article by Sri. T.S. Sastry *Language - Telugu*

  "Maa Guru devulu Sri RajaShekaruni Krishna Murthy gaaru (R.K.M.) an article by Sri. Damaraju Srinivas garu *Language - Telugu*


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Yoga Conference Invitations

Do send us details of any yoga gatherings to and we will publish the same here

Books & Articles

  The New Yoga by Sri Narayana Aiyar *Language - English*

  Master M.B.S. Sataabdi Smaarika - Compiled by Sri RajaSekharuni Krishna Murthy *Language - Telugu*

  Maa Basavannayya and other articles *Language - Telugu*

  Aadarsha Yogi P.N. by Sri P.S.R. Sarma *Language - Telugu*

  M.B.S. gaari Yogaanubhutulu - compiled from Master M.B.S. Diaries by Sri RajaSekharuni Krishna Murthy *Language - Telugu*

  Sadhana an Article by : Sri. J. Narayana Murthy *Language - Telugu*

  Life of Master M.N. by Sri Vidyaranyulu *Language - Telugu*

More Books & Articles

  Books & Articles made available online by 'Sri Prabhakara Yoga Mitra Mandali' *Language - Telugu & English*





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