This Institution was established by the Master in 1910, with the object of taking Man to the next and final stage of evolution, namely, Physical Immortality. The members practise an extremely easy but effective kind of Yoga. The first fruits of such a practice are protection against planetary mischiefs and karmic sufferings, rectification and development of the physical system in all its seven planes, and power of treating any kind of disease or poisonous affect. the final fruits are incorporated in the six "Contracts" or promises given by the Master to his mediums (ie. initiated disciples)

All that a medium is expected to do in return for these far-reaching promises is to practise the yoga without a break from the date of Initiation to the day of Fulfilment. Even if one medium in the whole group is steadfast in his practice and achieves the goal, the other mediums will be rewarded fully; thereafter, man by man, the entire human race will be drawn into the fold, and in an amazingly short period of time, death with all its camp-followers (hatred, pain, disease, decay etc.) will be banished from the earth.



     1)  "I shall give you Plenty of Prana (ie. Merry Life)
         and liberate you from want and suffering."

     2)  "I shall free you from all kinds of Giddiness 
         (ie. mental states in sleep, dream, speech etc.)
         and make you live always in a state of consciousness."
     3)  "I shall ensure the prolongation of your present 
         body and protect it against decay."

     4)  "I shall invest you with physical Immortality with out 

         causing any Figure-change in your present body."

     5)  "I shall give you powers of Dead-Raise, with which you

         can recall to life a dead person both when his body is 

         available and when it has been lost, and with which you

         can prolong the life of a person when he is at the dying stage."

     6)  "I shall give you All-Sides Conscience which will enable 

         you to reach the Deluding One, to realise the whole truth 

         and to know in a state of physical consciousness all the

         workings of metaphysical planes."

















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